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Kert demonstrating the Karma Fitness Academy course

* Karma Fitness Academy

The academy is a private group of people working together to achieve similar goals. You will find support, motivation and real friendships, as well as all the fitness help you need to reach your goals.

There are various weekly sessions which you can choose to follow along with.

The sessions make up a complete and balanced strength and conditioning programme. Not only do we focus on progressing our strength, endurance, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, but we also spend an equal amount of time on recovery.

Sessions are performed regularly to cover flexibility, mobility, core and midline strength and stability, injury prevention and more.

You can do as few or as many of the sessions as you like, at whatever time suits you.

A new session will be completed via a live video feed every day. But if you can’t make the live session, the link will stay in the group for you to complete at your convenience.

Generally, I do five of these live sessions each week. This can really help with motivation levels.

Every session and movement has different progressions and regressions, so there will always be something you can do.

I demo every movement.

You don’t need any equipment, but you can make use of a kettlebell or dumb-bell and some resistance bands.

That’s the academy in a nutshell. If this sounds like something you want to get involved in, I'd love to have you as part of our team.

A live video feed every day.

Members forum for advice and motivation!

No equipment needed.

£35 per month

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