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* Individual plans and programming

Do you have a specific aim or goal that you want to achieve? But not sure how you can align your training to help you reach that goal?

My one-to-one training is an entirely personalised programme, designed specifically to help you reach your goals. It will be based around the time and equipment you have, and your schedule.

We start by doing an online or in-person movement assessment. Then we go through a series of tests to see where you currently are with your fitness levels. Then devise a plan with the aim of making you better equipped to reach your goals.

Each session will be provided in writing, with each movement having a video demonstration.

You will be asked to record some of your movements so I can give technical feedback. 

Your feedback will help me to edit and adapt the programme as we progress.

This is just a brief outline of what is involved.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, please get in touch here.